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Located in Little Italy in the downtown section, Kiko Sushi Bar is one of Ottawa's finest Japanese restaurants. They offer a wide range of culinary delights including appetizers, sushi, sashimi, freestyle rolls, teriyaki, noodles, donburi and desserts. With over 150 different items you are sure to find many satisfying choices of your favourite food - be it seafood, beef, poultry or vegetarian.

Whether you want to entertain your business client, relax after a hard day's shopping, or have a night on the town, Kiko Sushi Bar offers a casual, yet elegant dining experience. Offering an assortment of table sizes and a sushi bar, you can enjoy an intimate dinner for 2 or eat out with the office lunch crowd. Take out service is also available.

Locally owned by a young couple whose dream was to open their own restaurant, Kiko Sushi Bar is their own Cinderella story. Although both are good cooks themselves, they are fortunate to have 2 chefs specially trained by a Japanese Sushi Master in Vancouver, each having over a dozen year's experience. So if you want to know what it is like to have a fairy godmother, come to Kiko Sushi Bar, where your culinary dream can come true.

Kiko Sushi Bar
349B Preston Street
Ottawa, ON


(613) 695-3143

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